Start a Team for an ALS Walk

Put on your walking shoes and join us for a day of love, Hope, inspiration and an incredible feeling of community.

Walk t-shirt and lunch included
Dogs, kids, wheelchairs, walkers & strollers welcome!

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels



Walk for ALS Guardian Angels

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels


Walker’s Checklist:

1. GET MOTIVATED! Visit our website and view last year’s video and photo album.

2. REGISTER at the following page for the ALS Guardian Angel Walk

3. START A TEAM go to the Donate page and click on the orange “Annual ALS Guardian Angel Walk” just above the orange “Donate Now” button. (anything in orange is a link to something.) There you will see the teams and you can join a team or follow the instructions to start your own team for the next ALS walk.

4. MAKE IT PERSONAL once you have joined a team or created your own team page, make it personal. Write a few lines about why you need their support. Everyone wants to know the story behind your cause. You can also add several pictures. Once you have created your page you can share it on Facebook and/or your email list by clicking on each of those icons on the page.

5. DONATE If possible, make the first donation yourself. This will motivate others to follow in your footsteps.

6. EMAILS send emails with a link to your ALS walk fundraising page to everyone on your email list and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a response right away. Most people need to be reminded. Did you know it takes 3 requests for the average person to respond? Keep asking! You can quadruple your chances for success by sending reminders.

7. SEND A PERSONAL LETTER either by email or popping it in the mailbox, a personal letter about why you are trying to raise money makes a great impact. Most of the elderly do not use a computer so getting a letter in the mail is perfect for them and you usually will receive a check in the mail for their donation. You can then enter the amount online as an “offline donation” so it shows up on your total raised and then turn it in to the registration table the day of the walk.

8. ENCOURAGE your friends to join your team and fundraise for you too. It’s that old principle of multiplication. You ask your friends to fundraise, who then ask their friends and so on. Before you know it you’re winning the prize for the most money raised but more importantly, you are helping others struggling with ALS.

9. VIRTUAL WALKING If you ask someone to be on your team but they can’t participate on the day of the event, they can still fundraise for you by becoming a virtual walker. Just ask them to go to the donate page of our website and follow the instructions to set up their fundraiser. They can send emails and collect donations for the team even though they can’t be there on that day.

10. THANK YOU NOTES show your appreciation for your supporters by sending them a thank you note as soon as you receive a donation. This can be by email or snail mail depending on how you received the donation.

11. PUT ON YOUR WALKING SHOES and be a part of the inspiration and fun at our Annual ALSGA Walk!

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels



Walk for ALS Guardian Angels

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels



This walk was created to help the ALS Guardian Angel Foundation continue to help those struggling with ALS on a daily basis. The foundation was started by one man, Stuart Millheiser, who has no family member with ALS, just a huge heart for those who do. His foundation helps those living with the disease celebrate their time left with their loved ones, offering strength, hope and joy through grants.

This disease, maybe more than others, has a tremendous effect on families both physically and emotionally. The inevitable decline of patients takes a toll on the family who can only watch helplessly as their loved ones slowly become incapacitated. Those affected eventually lose their livelihood, their independence and ultimately their lives. The ALS Guardian Angels offers grants to these families to help with whatever is needed. You may have been one of those families. This is why we hold our ALS walk - because we can.

The next few pages are a guide to give you helpful hints on how to fundraise for our event and to help us reach our goal.

Have fun with it and think of all the PALS (people with ALS) you’ll be helping!

“You haven’t lived until you have helped someone who can never repay you”

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels



Walk for ALS Guardian Angels

Walk for ALS Guardian Angels


Recruit walkers!

If you aren't virtual walking, be sure to ask as many people as possible to join your team and walk with you! The larger your team, the more money you can raise and you’ll be helping us reach our goal! Make sure all your team members register early, at least 30 days in advance and let them know that you really need them to raise money for you! Remember, you or your team members can print out the flyer on the home page of our website and hand them out to everyone you see and take them to your work or place of business!

Be Creative and Show Your Team Spirit!

You can have team shirts made to wear during the ALS walk, create signs and posters, dress your dog- whatever you want to do to bring awareness to ALS on the day of the event! (yes, leashed dogs are welcome)


- Don’t be afraid to ask people to fundraise for you.
- Give advice and suggestions on what you have found to be successful.
- Encourage your team and communicate often with them.
- Design a team shirt together

Encourage team members to share their fundraiser page on Social Media! It can be done with a click of the icon when they create their fundraiser on the website. It makes it super easy for people to donate right from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Be sure to have them share the link often from their social media page! Come on, their on Facebook all day anyway. May as well put it to good use!